Problem I Will Solve

I want to be a teacher when I grow up. In my opinion, teacher is a very important job. Without teachers children wouldn’t get an education. Without an education, it would be impossible to get a well paying job. When I become a teacher, the problem I will solve is that I want to reduce the number of students who drop out of school. I think that this is a big problem because I think education leads to success and without education you can’t succeed.

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I will solve the problem of school dropouts by boasting students confidence. I think one reason students drop out of school is because they don’t have confidence. The easiest way to boast confidence is to simply give compliments. Compliments can make students feel better about themselves. That gives them a less change of dropping out of school. A few words can go a long way.  

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3 thoughts on “Problem I Will Solve

  1. I think you will be a great teacher. You are excited about learning and you always have a positive attitude.

  2. Jesse Stuart, who was an author from Kentucky, said “Teaching is the Greatest Profession.” I agree because teachers do so much to help the future of all of their students.

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