20% Project

These past few weeks I have been working on a project called the 20% Project. The project I am doing is starting a club at my school. In my club we will teach the basics of a different language each month. I have accomplished many things these weeks. Some things I’ve accomplished are we contacted our mentor and they said that they will help us I have also meet with my mentor in person. I feel that this project is going to be a lot of work. I hope all my work pays off. I have ran into many problems though also. Some are we had made a poster to spread the word of our club. We had kept our poster in our Language Arts classroom. When we came to get our poster to work on it, it was no longer there. We had to start on a new poster.


1/27 Talking to our mentor.
2/10 Get permission to meet in the library for our club and to hang up posters.
2/24 Finishing our poster and hang them up.
3/10 Work on outline for meetings for what we are going to say and give them to practice.
3/24 Work on what we are going to for the first meeting specifically using the outline.
4/7 Have first meeting, we are going to talk about Spanish.
4/21 Get more people to come to our meetings by the posters.
5/5 Work on second meeting for sign language.
5/19 Confirm the content of our second meeting.


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